Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pepperoni Pizza's

Saturday night - and the kids wanted pizza...
I made using the Wildtree Quick and Easy Pizza Crust. I made in 2 different 9" cake pans.

The recipe calls for any Grapeseed Oil - I selected the Garlic - YUMMY! I did cheat a little with the pizza's and pre-baked for 4 minutes the crust without the sauce and toppings. Given the temperature for cooking is 500, I figured it was best to make sure we didn't crisp up the cheese too much.

For sauce, I cheated as well. Ragu Pizza sauce. While I know that goes against our no additives, I was out of ingredients to make Wildtree Pizza Sauce.

The end result was nothing but yummy. I will post images soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chicken Parmesan w/ Side Salad - Italian Dressing

Today was not the typical Friday. Why you may ask? My 2 year old was home sick and I got the privilege of watching him instead of working. When a 2 year old is sick, it typically means a reduction in sleep at night.

The good news, today we made Chicken Parmesan!!

This recipe is on the Wildtree website. It is chicken, Tomato Puree, Wildtree's Spaghetti seasoning and plain bread crumbs.

Well, while I wanted this to be my favorite, I know a few things:
1. Don't use the organic puree. If you do, add garlic salt.
2. My family loves garlic. This was lacking. I do think I can adapt the recipe though and make it better.
3. While it wasn't my favorite, it was good.

1. 6 year old - mom, it is missing something. I sprinkled garlic salt, stirred, he ate it up!
2. 2 year old - note, he is not in the best spirits... he ate it.
3. Husband, it is lacking something - see 6 year olds. Once I did this, he liked it a lot.
4. Me - I need fresh garlic and didn't want the salt. Ate the meal as is. Liked it, but WILL adapt to add fresh garlic.

Now, for the salad. Oh my goodness... I don't think I could EVER eat a different Italian Dressing!!! It was so flavorful. The ingredients:
Wildtree Italian Dressing Seasoning
Wildtree Natural Grapeseed Oil
a Little water
Apple Cider Vinegar

1. 2 year old - Ate ALL of my celery from my salad with it on it. asked for more. I had to make him a celery salad.
2. 6 year old - I put a little on pasta for him to try (not a greens eater). He liked it!
3. Husband - may I nickname him Mr. Ranch... He went to eat ranch... I told him no! He ate the Italian - and LOVED IT!!!!
4. Me - as you can see above, I loved this dressing. It would be hard to eat the bottled or even the 7 Seasons (or whatever it's name is). The blend of flavors in my opinion was perfect.

So, that was dinner tonight. I hope that everyone has an amazing night/weekend. More soon!

Tuna Casserole

Last night, I came home a good hour and a half late. To top off the treat of running late, I forgot to defrost meat for dinner... YEAH ME (sarcasm).

So, I decided to concoct a Tuna Noodle Casserole - ala Wildtree.... mmmmm... enter 5 year old "Eeeewww, I don't want Tuna." I then determined - make the Noodles and Cheese Sauce - add meat to please. Probably a bad habit, but as you can tell, the day already stunk!

1 10 oz box of bowtie noodles (wheat was my choice)
1/4 cup + 1 TBS Wildtree Kidz Cheese Blend
1/4 cup Wildtree Alfredo
3/4 - 1 cup (I eyed it... SORRY!) Milk (I used Organic Whole Milk)

Boil noodles according to package and drain.
Add in hot pan, milk and 2 seasonings - blend until lumps are gone. As it sits, it will thicken slightly. Stir in Noodles... taste test... MMMMMMMMM!

I portioned out enough for a serving for the 5 year old - stirred in lunch meat ham.
Drained and added 1 can of tuna to the remaining noodles.

1. 5 year old - ate it all - asked for seconds. Bad mommy didn't have seconds of his. He followed it up with a sigh and Wii.
2. 2 year old - ate his, Tuna and all - ate seconds
3. Husband - ate 2 helpings - stated make this one again
4. Me - I ate all of mine and sprinkled on Wildtree Rancher's Seasoning for extra flavor.

In the end, after 20 minutes (5 minutes of which was me determining what to eat, then boiling the water. Crisis was averted... and we ate well! YEAH!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sloppy Joe's

Tonight, I made the Sloppy Joe's. I am very picky when it comes to Sloppy Joe's. Typically, I find the store mixes to be too salty. I figured, rather than scratch, let's go ahead and give the Wildtree Mix a shot.

Well, here is what we learned:
1. I did not prepare properly - I didn't have any Tomato Paste.... don't fret, I used Tomato Puree instead!!
2. I had a pound and a quarter of ground beef, 10 oz of Puree, instead of 6 oz paste - use the proper amount of water and 3 1/2 tablespoons of the seasoning and you get:

A. a Kindergarten picky eater - mixed it in with his Mac n' Cheese versus on a bun - LOVED IT, and is taking leftovers in his lunch tomorrow!

B. a 2 year old that put it on his grilled cheese (white wheat bread, american cheese - toast the bread, put a tad of butter on it, place meat in cheese on top. Place in microwave for 12 seconds) - LOVED IT!

C. me - I ate it on a wheat bun (no sugar) with a slice of American Cheese on top.

D. Hubby - will post a comment soon. He is onsite and will be eating it soon.

The bottom line - worth the purchase, was not salty and took VERY little effort. Obviously, the recipe in mixings can be adjusted without compromising flavor. I think the single jar will last us about 5 meals!!

Why this site...

Who am I, why would you want to read MY site?
  • I am a working mom, who has a high paced life. I realize many mom's do... please don't get me wrong.
  • I commute an hour each way to "my real job", listening to the radio, catching up on the news and ramping up or decompressing from a long day. When I walk in the door, it is family and dinner time (though I do log in and spend time when the kids are sleeping on work).
  • I am the main provider for our family economically, as my husband starts a remodeling business.
  • I am the wife to an amazing man, who is the manager/coach for our son's little league team. I am not team mom, but I am the coaches cheerleader and biggest supporter.
  • I am a Wildtree Representative - to support my cooking hobby
  • MOST OF ALL, I am a MOM. I have 2 boys born in 2004 and 2007. They ARE my angels. I never thought I would be blessed with kids or an amazing husband, but I have been.
Since getting married in 2002, I recently realized, I was forgetting about myself and my passions outside of my family. Not that this is horrible, but there was a sense of "what about me".

I have always been a social person, but as work tenure and responsibilities increased, and the family expanded beyond just me and my husband, I lost track of being social.

I went to a friends house for a Wildtree party, and it hit me. I could make a little extra, spend time with friends (make new friends) and promote things I believe in:
1. Eating as a family at the dinner table
2. Cooking responsibly - I can do # 1, and actually cause more problems for my family - reducing the amount of time we have together... I am choosing to pay attention and eliminate a lot (not all) of the crud. Over the past 2 years, cholesterol was getting higher for me and my husband!
3. Taking care of my family, while not sacrificing me.
4. Help my sometimes high strung kids mellow out by removing elements from their diet - not letting them pop a pill.
5. Eating healthy and slowly diminishing the "picky eatings" of 2 boys that are ages 2 and 6 - hence restoring sanity at dinner time.
6. Being a mom that my kids are proud of...

So, I am keeping my "real job", taking on a paying hobby... and starting this blog. Why the blog? Well, quite simply, it is to share our adventure of cooking with the products and talking about my kids opinions and the growth of "me" on my new adventure.