Friday, March 26, 2010

Chicken Parmesan w/ Side Salad - Italian Dressing

Today was not the typical Friday. Why you may ask? My 2 year old was home sick and I got the privilege of watching him instead of working. When a 2 year old is sick, it typically means a reduction in sleep at night.

The good news, today we made Chicken Parmesan!!

This recipe is on the Wildtree website. It is chicken, Tomato Puree, Wildtree's Spaghetti seasoning and plain bread crumbs.

Well, while I wanted this to be my favorite, I know a few things:
1. Don't use the organic puree. If you do, add garlic salt.
2. My family loves garlic. This was lacking. I do think I can adapt the recipe though and make it better.
3. While it wasn't my favorite, it was good.

1. 6 year old - mom, it is missing something. I sprinkled garlic salt, stirred, he ate it up!
2. 2 year old - note, he is not in the best spirits... he ate it.
3. Husband, it is lacking something - see 6 year olds. Once I did this, he liked it a lot.
4. Me - I need fresh garlic and didn't want the salt. Ate the meal as is. Liked it, but WILL adapt to add fresh garlic.

Now, for the salad. Oh my goodness... I don't think I could EVER eat a different Italian Dressing!!! It was so flavorful. The ingredients:
Wildtree Italian Dressing Seasoning
Wildtree Natural Grapeseed Oil
a Little water
Apple Cider Vinegar

1. 2 year old - Ate ALL of my celery from my salad with it on it. asked for more. I had to make him a celery salad.
2. 6 year old - I put a little on pasta for him to try (not a greens eater). He liked it!
3. Husband - may I nickname him Mr. Ranch... He went to eat ranch... I told him no! He ate the Italian - and LOVED IT!!!!
4. Me - as you can see above, I loved this dressing. It would be hard to eat the bottled or even the 7 Seasons (or whatever it's name is). The blend of flavors in my opinion was perfect.

So, that was dinner tonight. I hope that everyone has an amazing night/weekend. More soon!

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