Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pepperoni Pizza's

Saturday night - and the kids wanted pizza...
I made using the Wildtree Quick and Easy Pizza Crust. I made in 2 different 9" cake pans.

The recipe calls for any Grapeseed Oil - I selected the Garlic - YUMMY! I did cheat a little with the pizza's and pre-baked for 4 minutes the crust without the sauce and toppings. Given the temperature for cooking is 500, I figured it was best to make sure we didn't crisp up the cheese too much.

For sauce, I cheated as well. Ragu Pizza sauce. While I know that goes against our no additives, I was out of ingredients to make Wildtree Pizza Sauce.

The end result was nothing but yummy. I will post images soon!

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