Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sloppy Joe's

Tonight, I made the Sloppy Joe's. I am very picky when it comes to Sloppy Joe's. Typically, I find the store mixes to be too salty. I figured, rather than scratch, let's go ahead and give the Wildtree Mix a shot.

Well, here is what we learned:
1. I did not prepare properly - I didn't have any Tomato Paste.... don't fret, I used Tomato Puree instead!!
2. I had a pound and a quarter of ground beef, 10 oz of Puree, instead of 6 oz paste - use the proper amount of water and 3 1/2 tablespoons of the seasoning and you get:

A. a Kindergarten picky eater - mixed it in with his Mac n' Cheese versus on a bun - LOVED IT, and is taking leftovers in his lunch tomorrow!

B. a 2 year old that put it on his grilled cheese (white wheat bread, american cheese - toast the bread, put a tad of butter on it, place meat in cheese on top. Place in microwave for 12 seconds) - LOVED IT!

C. me - I ate it on a wheat bun (no sugar) with a slice of American Cheese on top.

D. Hubby - will post a comment soon. He is onsite and will be eating it soon.

The bottom line - worth the purchase, was not salty and took VERY little effort. Obviously, the recipe in mixings can be adjusted without compromising flavor. I think the single jar will last us about 5 meals!!

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  1. Hubby's analysis - it was not as salty as others, but was salty. Today, I bought tomato paste to stock up. Sodium in Paste = 20mg Sodium in all others 110+mg. I normally use paste even with the "other" Sloppy Joe's. They must naturally be salty. I think the salt he was tasting was primarily the puree. Now I know!! :)