Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why this site...

Who am I, why would you want to read MY site?
  • I am a working mom, who has a high paced life. I realize many mom's do... please don't get me wrong.
  • I commute an hour each way to "my real job", listening to the radio, catching up on the news and ramping up or decompressing from a long day. When I walk in the door, it is family and dinner time (though I do log in and spend time when the kids are sleeping on work).
  • I am the main provider for our family economically, as my husband starts a remodeling business.
  • I am the wife to an amazing man, who is the manager/coach for our son's little league team. I am not team mom, but I am the coaches cheerleader and biggest supporter.
  • I am a Wildtree Representative - to support my cooking hobby
  • MOST OF ALL, I am a MOM. I have 2 boys born in 2004 and 2007. They ARE my angels. I never thought I would be blessed with kids or an amazing husband, but I have been.
Since getting married in 2002, I recently realized, I was forgetting about myself and my passions outside of my family. Not that this is horrible, but there was a sense of "what about me".

I have always been a social person, but as work tenure and responsibilities increased, and the family expanded beyond just me and my husband, I lost track of being social.

I went to a friends house for a Wildtree party, and it hit me. I could make a little extra, spend time with friends (make new friends) and promote things I believe in:
1. Eating as a family at the dinner table
2. Cooking responsibly - I can do # 1, and actually cause more problems for my family - reducing the amount of time we have together... I am choosing to pay attention and eliminate a lot (not all) of the crud. Over the past 2 years, cholesterol was getting higher for me and my husband!
3. Taking care of my family, while not sacrificing me.
4. Help my sometimes high strung kids mellow out by removing elements from their diet - not letting them pop a pill.
5. Eating healthy and slowly diminishing the "picky eatings" of 2 boys that are ages 2 and 6 - hence restoring sanity at dinner time.
6. Being a mom that my kids are proud of...

So, I am keeping my "real job", taking on a paying hobby... and starting this blog. Why the blog? Well, quite simply, it is to share our adventure of cooking with the products and talking about my kids opinions and the growth of "me" on my new adventure.


  1. Congratulations on your new venture! Best of luck!

  2. Cathy - I love this! Good for you! Isn't it funny how blogging feels kind of good. I figure no one reads mine, but I love doing it. The Wildtree Company and products sound exciting. I may contact you in a few months to discuss. I always wanted to do a home party product, just haven't figured out what. This looks very cool. Best of luck! Keep blogging!

  3. Congratz! I'll have to buy some Wildtree when I'm in-country.

    I'd also like to acknowledge the work you've put into finding balance and not losing yourself in you job, family, etc.